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Alcohol Awareness Month

In April, KREM remembers all the good we have done for our clients, and all they have done for us in return. Offering quality management and real estate services to the Boston community is something we truly enjoy.

In addition to our professional activities, we must share the things we are passionate about. And that doesn’t just include real estate. The month of April is dedicated to alcohol awareness. Kingston REM recognizes that many people have been affected by the disease of addiction, or by alcohol in one way or another. 

BTW, this is Kingston REM’s Broker//Owner Adam Mundt speaking here. I’m 4 years totally sober as of July 2022. I’m fortunate enough to have been just enough of a drinker where I was on the brink of really losing it or getting my shit together. Thankfully, I chose the latter but I was also convinced that if I didn’t, I would never be able to create a business like I have with today’s Kingston REM. 

‘Only one drink,’ was a phrase that wasn’t a reality for me. What if it was that easy to just have one? During a lively outing with friends, it was very common to consume more and more as the night went on and before I knew it, it was 2am on a work night. This was a familiar process. The next morning I woke up hungover, not being as productive as I had hoped and wishing I had a “one drink” policy you could actually adhere to. This then led to the “welp, I’m not going to be productive today so I may as well have a drink!” and the cycle continued. If you catch yourself reflecting and saying “This isn’t for me anymore,” whatever your reasoning, you are not alone. I never thought I would not be a drinker and here I am. And honestly, I don’t miss it. The days of feeling like shit after a night of drinking, forgetting where I parked my car and missing workouts and other obligations are over. I’m happier, I feel like a million bucks and my head is clear. 

As a community, we should support one another in overcoming any difficulties we may be experiencing, and ensure a safe environment for open discussion. The act of drinking can at times be enjoyable, but can sometimes easily escalate. 

If you’re struggling, there is always help available. There is always room for improvement when it comes to changing your relationship with alcohol. It is all possible. Hell, email or call me- I’m happy to chat with you about it. 

#Kingstoncares and wants to spread support. Below are some resources that can help you navigate. If you’re curious about the effects of drinking to your physical and mental health, there are also some educational resources.

Brook Recovery

Brookline Detox Resource

The Strathmore House

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Alcohol Awareness Month 2022