Letter from the Broker

When Charming Loses its Charm

It was something I heard a lot when I moved to Boston and a phrase I used as a rookie agent when showing apartments. Charming. I used to really feel like old units WERE charming.  The gracious foyers with the chandeliers and crown molding. The walnut stained wainscotting hugging the sides of a winding staircase. The leaded glass hutch carefully installed in the dining room wall.  That word then became synonymous with a place being, well, a dump. We would joke that it was “charming” rather than a sh*thole.  So when did charming lose its charm?  You could argue several…

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Kingston Local


We’ve all been there. Watching the world go by in the waiting room at the doctor’s office just to get some relief from an ailment. Thankfully for us, urgent care facilities have become more available which fits many of our busy schedules much better. Get in and out quickly and get quality care, without making an appointment a month from when you actually need it and wasting half your day away.  Now, think of this same dynamic- for your pet. It’s brilliant. Enter, our newest #kingstonlocal partner, PetMedic Urgent Care Vet Clinic. Dr. Nir Ben-Ari recognized the need for an…

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Letter from the Broker Property Management Tips

How Low Rents Can Kill You

Perception is reality.  I once heard that the popular Peloton bikes were once half the price than they are now. At that price point, they had a really difficult time selling. After a re-brand and price increase they have now become the most popular at-home exercise brand on the market today.  How does RAISING the price actually help?  For starters, it invokes a quality that otherwise may not be assumed. Giving the product the gravitas- whether that’s a high price or shiny accoutrements- will help give it value. Something the consumer can see/touch/feel or at the very least, perceive.  There…

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Home Buying

Ready to buy a house? First timer? READ THIS!

3 Things Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Do Before Shopping As a first-time homebuyer, you may be overwhelmed by the entire process. Fortunately, you can do three simple tasks before you start shopping that will make the whole process easier. 1. Put Your Finances in Order The time to organize your finances is several months out from the time when you plan to purchase. Credit Don't just assume you have good credit, even if you pay everything on time and carry little to no debt. Mistakes on your credit report, forgotten collection accounts, or a lack of suitable credit accounts…

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Property Management Tips

Let’s Talk Rental Property Value

Five ways to Increase the Value of Your Rental Property If you own a rental property, you should always be looking for best ways to increase the rental value of the property or to maximize the amount that someone will pay to rent the home. Making changes to your property can make it more enticing for renters and should even entice them to pay more in…

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