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It’s officially 5 o’clock, not just somewhere but RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!
*cue Jesus Jones*
This calls for a cold one! Just imagine, instead of paying $18 for a 4pk of craft beer, you’re able to enjoy one of your VERY OWN handmade beverage for a fraction of the price!

This week’s #kingstonlocal comes to you from Boston Home Brew Supply located at 1378 Beacon St. in #coolidgecorner. Here, they have everything you need to brew your own masterpiece. Their focus on fresh ingredients (their hops and specialty grain selection is INCREDIBLE!) and quality
equipment combined with the expert knowledge and advice from Owner Tom Casey will all but guarantee your success in becoming a bonafide home brewmaster.

@kingston.rem and @bostonhomebrewsupply are joining forces to get you jump started- mention this post and save 10% off your first purchase! Pay them a visit and grab your personal set up- you’ll have your very own homemade beers and/ or ciders ready the next time your clock strikes beer:30! Give them a follow while you’re at it @bostonhomebrewsupply

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