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Happy New Year from The #KREMCrew

Happy New Year!

I want to write you all a quick note to tell you that I’m grateful for your business and to say thank you for your support. Your trust and confidence in me and the team at Kingston REM means the world.

2020 was a challenging yet ultimately fulfilling year for us at Kingston REM.

For those of you who know me, I am a pretty regimented guy in my personal life. This also spills over in how I like to run my business. Processes, procedures, continuity, organization- it’s no secret that the more you have these things down, the more efficient you are. I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years now so it’s hard to surprise me. Or so I thought…

Lucky for me, KREM has a team and clients who were all able to rally together and move full steam ahead through COVID without consequence. As a matter of fact, we thrived, pandemic be damned! Our total numbers were up significantly which is awesome in any year- nevermind one like 2020.

ALL KREM agents hit personal bests- two of whom are 10+ year veterans in the business!

I also work really hard and look forward to my two vacations a year- strategically spaced out just before and right after “the season”. This year, for obvious reasons, I stayed home and consequently found myself pretty burned out in early December.

I never really got the concept of a “staycation”. To me, I couldn’t unwind unless I was on the beach or horizontal on a lounger near the pool. This is how I always “vacationed”. That wasn’t in the cards for me in 2020 and it weighed on me. How was I going to get that break that was so important to me?

It wasn’t until after this past week that I actually felt rested. There was no beach or pool in sight. Instead, I was able to take a minute and feel really happy with what I had in my life- my beautiful fiance Lauren, our dog Rick and our new condo we purchased together in October. I took some time to unwind- and it felt great.

Here we are in 2021 and I’m rested and rejuvenated. You’ve been warned.

My head is swirling with new ideas, progressive concepts and ways to keep the business thriving and ahead of the curve. We’re constantly improving our process and implementing new technologies in efforts to offer the industry best quality in service and product.

How else would we ever expect to maintain our 100% 5 star review status? 😉

I could go on all day about the achievements and accomplishments of the #KREMCrew in 2020.

Here’s a quick snapshot:

  • We sold over $20M of real estate
  • Units rented are up 28% YTD
  • We leased up two full rooming houses in Brookline
  • We were hired as the Exclusive Brokers for the lease up at The Overlook at St. Gabriel’s in Brighton- this gorgeous 500+ unit luxury apartment community. (Want details? WE GOT DETAILS!)

Now you get what I’m saying when I call the #KREMCrew “small, yet mighty”?

We are here to serve you and we are READY. TO. GO.

Let’s do business. Let’s get 2021 into perspective, align our goals and get them accomplished together.

Put me and the #KREMCrew to work for you.

Until we speak again,