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Larz Anderson Auto Museum located in Brookline, MA


Those who know us know we’re BIG FANS of cars, particularly American classics, muscle cars and hot rods. Which is why we’re so stoked for this installment of #kingstonlocal showcasing Larz Anderson Auto Museum ( @larzanderson ).

“Lookin’ East- Art & Imagination of the New England Hot Rod” is @larzanderson newest exhibition which was welcomed with a SOLD OUT opening reception last night. The installation offers the visitor insight into the rich history of the classic American hot rod- from its conception in 1930’s post WW1 California to its New England regional racing history.

We cannot wait to get over to Larz Anderson and check out the new exhibit and encourage our followers to do the same! They ALWAYS deliver with incredible artifacts alongside unique, engaging material and, of course KILLER vehicles!

Give them a follow @larzanderson to keep informed of their events, lawn shows showcasing more great autos and much more!

? courtesy of @vonskip247autoholic who runs a great blog- check him out as well!

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