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Letter From the Broker- 2021 EOY Edition


Everytime I write one of these end of year updates, I feel like I either have or wanted to start with a big ‘ol *PHEW*. Defining this as more of a “WOW, holy crap- we did that!” and less of a “We need to take a break!”, our *PHEW* is very much earned by our 2021 achievements.

Among our proudest achievements are our 82 FIVE STAR Google Reviews. An achievement that isn’t found anywhere else in the Greater Boston Real Estate market. Go ahead- look. You won’t find it. The fact that we did this in 4 years is astonishing, yet wholly believable. I witness firsthand the effort and commitment my team makes with every interaction, every transaction and every communication. Understanding that it’s not all about making money. It’s about actually being helpful, being a resource, offering assistance even when it won’t get you any immediate gratification or payment.

Matter of fact, among my favorite Google Reviews is a rare one that *I* actually received.

This review was from a fellow Property Manager at a local firm.

Yes, our direct competition. He called and asked for some condo docs from a building we manage. I sent them to him before we hung up the phone and he realized that this simple gesture is something that is becoming more and more unique in the marketplace. Getting on the phone with the “decision-maker” who happens to be in the office and is able to immediately execute a request. Something so simple yet executed properly was appreciated earned us accolades from a competitor of ours.

All of this is possible only when there’s a significant amount of attention and effort put into a business. Processes, constant learning, critical thinking- all of this is day-to-day behavior and stuff that I encourage- nay, demand- from my staff. It makes all of us better and is such an important piece of life’s journey.

See, for me, so much of this has to do with my commitment to others who put their trust in me. My clients, our customers and, perhaps most importantly, the infamous #KREMCrew.

For them, I’m not here simply to crack the whip and drive home “numbers”. I believe that it’s the commitment and investment I put into them individually with attention to growth, opportunity, teaching and leadership that makes all the difference. Providing them with unique opportunities, delivering a guidebook on “how to crush it” and letting them go to pasture. I have full trust and confidence that they’ll perform at a high level and they’ve proven me right time and time again.

Just look at them. *SWOON*

Matter of fact, there’s a lot of trust around here which requires a full buy-in by my staff. We all “understand the assignment”. Without that, I would say that some of our greatest 2021 achievements would have never come to fruition.


  • Over 100 apartments rented at The Overlook at St. Gabriel’s IN ONE WEEKEND.

  • 24 condos//homes sold or UAG in 2021

  • Rental numbers up 40% YTD- as of this publishing, we are +400 rentals from 2021

  • Onboarded 50+ units as management clients

That’s a TON of growth in a year.

As such, this joint needed some infrastructure building. I’ve always been sensitive to the notion that you have to focus on continuing to deliver. No resting on your laurels. If you lose what’s made you great in the first place, you’re just another “normal” real estate agency and lord knows there’s plenty of those. That’s just not us. 

Specifically in our case, it meant keeping close attention to our standard of excellence and dedication to delivering high quality service and results. This includes perfecting our property management process. We recognize that there have been some growing pains and as such we’re actively and consistently developing the processes and working out the kinks daily. Without clear SOP’s, training guides and processes, it’s impossible to keep the level of quality as high as I demand. Things started to get a bit chunky around here and I knew there needed to be some tweaking. Tweaks were made.

Enter Tim Croteau.

I jacked that pic from his LinkedIn profile because he’s still too new for KREM pics. If you see him now he’s got a big bushy beard and glasses. He’s usually dressed dapperly in a suit and dress socks with tacos on them effectively making me look like a schlub even though I try my best to look pretty damn respectable.

ANYWAY, Tim came onboard November 2021 and serves as Kingston REM’s new Operations Manager. Tim comes from a long tenure of hospitality management (both hotel and restaurant) which I absolutely love because I know how hard and tirelessly those folks work. SOP’s on SOP’s on SOP’s. This dude delivers. He has already proven to be a super valuable member of the #KREMCrew and will be a critical part of KREM’s journey in 2022 and beyond.

We also added some more players including a Maintenance Tech, Assistant Prop Mgr, new Property Manager and a half-dozen agents.

That’s right- the #KREMCrew is officially 20 ppl strong.

As for me, I’m focused on building the business while making damn sure the business we currently have gets all the attention it deserves.

We have some huge initiatives on the table for 2022 and we are ready to rock n’ roll.

Prospect Place in Brighton Center featuring 28 new construction units across two buildings! *NOW LEASING!* Click the pic for more deets! You’ll be glad you did! 


54 Auburn- a boutique, ultra-luxe loft-style 12 unit building in the heart of Coolidge Corner! COMING SOON IN 2022!!


? The Big Daddy ?
Meet Brookline’s newest luxury 45-unit apartment community in the heart of Coolidge Corner, Babcock Place! COMING IN 2022!

Lest we neglect to mention our commitment to The Overlook at St. Gabriel’s as their exclusive broker partnership and the condo projects we have in development.

The Overlook at St. Gabriel’s, Brighton’s best fully amenitized apartment community!

Enough about me- HOW CAN WE HELP YOU?

KREM’s focused on maintaining our role as a committed resource for you before, during and after the transaction. Our agents are all well-trained and are problem-solvers. They’re respectable deal-makers.

As our customer, we’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done and do it well and fairly. If that means renting an apartment, let’s get you snug in there and then let’s get working on buying your new home. Interest rates are still low, inventory is ticking up and the time couldn’t be better.

As our client, we’ll continue to ensure we take proper care of your property as promised. Heavily scrutinizing incoming tenants to ensure as little friction as possible during their tenancy, proper follow up and respectable cooperation alongside robust communication during showings on their way out.

We have an open door policy for any questions, conflict resolution, or anything else needed. We are here not only as agents but as a resource. You can be confident that your referrals will be handled with the same level of service and attention you were.

You see? We don’t leave this stuff up to chance.

We think about all parts- from beginning to end & top down – to make sure all the ground is covered. Everything’s carefully thought through and executed properly.

Have apartments to rent?
Have a home to sell?
Have a desire to make a purchase?

Contact me personally anytime & let’s discuss how Kingston REM can go to work for you.

Oh, and #LFG.