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Letter From the Broker – An Eventful Busy Season Recap

If you’re reading this, it’s likely I’m finally off to Italy celebrating our honeymoon with my wife, Lauren. Only a year or so behind but hey, better late than never!

A wild year, 2022 has proven to be, that’s for sure. Just as soon as you see the multiple offer situation cool slightly in the sales market, they come hot and heavy in the rental market! You read that right (and if you’re reading this as an agent, this is absolutely not a surprise to you)- we wrestled with multiple offer situations often in 2022’s rental season. Nothing like I’ve seen in my 18 year career before. It was legit nutso.

Nevertheless, through some bumps and bruises with the multiple offers- winning some and losing others- it presented several positive outcomes for us. First, we became that much more grateful for our exclusive clients. Those of you who entrust me, my team and the #KREMCrew to take care of your properties.

Not to mention, navigating multiple offers and above asking rent proposals is always an emotional thing to be involved with. My team and now their customers are better suited for the future should they have to deal with this again. Learn how to negotiate that now and you’ll be better equipped to do it again should you need to! The #KREMCrew was also really communicative in sharing tips and success stories with each other offering up perspective and fresh ideas on how to get it done!

It also gave us an opportunity to take time and be more mindful of our pursuits and ultimately more cognizant of the needs and desires of our customers. “Is it worth it?” “Is there another location that could work just as good and be a little less hectic?” We just may know a little better about what you need than you do. Just put a little faith in the process and we’ll make you a believer 🙂

The sales side I feel had their last and final party favor *pop* and now we’re seeing people leave the party. Luckily, the Boston-area sales market is mostly immune to major fluctuations since we have tons of valuable institutions, universities, companies, etc. which will always drive interest and demand. The overall sentiment is and *should be* that if the market does indeed slow down, this is an indication of a GOOD market. Good markets fluctuate- an unhealthy market is one that continues in one direction or another with little to no deviation. A market slow down on the sales side is welcomed and I’m excited to invite our buyers to dive in and find some good opportunities!

On the operational side of Kingston REM…well, frankly there’s too much to list and I won’t bore you with the details. I can tell you that I’ve been working diligently with Tim the OPs guy to bring some really exciting things to you, our current AND future customers and clients, to demonstrate our worth to you and YOUR business and how we can bring more value to the table than the next guy. An exciting website refresh, updated materials, and designer pitch decks among them.  One of my personal favorites is the new 50” Samsung display hanging in our front window! We had some really neat materials designed for this sucker and we’re thrilled how it came out. Check it out next time you’re one of the 10,000 unique viewers on any given day!

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll see:

The lease up at 54 Auburn was a huge success leasing all 12-units before the doors opened with no outside broker support. That’s all in-house leasing done by the #KREMCrew, folks. Pretty impressive. 

Currently on the docket is Prospect Place in Brighton Center, a 28-unit new construction apartment building which is slated for Fall 2022 opening (we’re getting close!). This is over 70% pre-leased! Coming for late 2022 is Babcock Place which will prove to be one of the most significant new developments in the Coolidge Corner area. 

We’re working on expanding our Management division which now comprises over 200 units and we’re still in huge demand with inquiries coming in almost daily. Recent quality firepower include Property Manager Kevin Figueroa and Maintenance Technician Mohamed Louis. 

And we just received our 125th five star Google Review. How awesome 🙂 

Now PLEASE don’t bother me for the next 12 days. OOO notification officially ON. 😉