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Mission Hill

Mission Hill is most notable for being popular with Northeastern University and Longwood Medical students and faculty. The neighborhood enjoys a diverse group of residents with about 50% of those being between the ages of 18 and 25 years old. In Mission Hill’s center, Brigham Circle, you’ll find the hub of Boston’s world renowned medical and medical research/education centers, Children’s Hospital, Beth Israel/Deaconess, Brigham & Women’s and Harvard’s Medical School alongside several groceries, pharmacies, restaurants & bars and banks. Several public parks are in and around Mission Hill including Kevin W. Fitzgerald Park offering great views towards downtown. Mission Hill’s residents mostly choose to commute via public transportation via the two Green Line branches and the Orange Line stops, bike or simply walk but access to downtown and major highways is easily available.

Real Estate in Mission Hill

Single family homes have enjoyed a recent increase in value in the area and among the brick row houses and brownstones, many multi-family properties have been converted into condominiums. Furthermore, many outdated apartment buildings, schools and other commercial spaces are being converted or renovated into new housing and added to the neighborhood stock.

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