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Harvard Square

Harvard Square is the very heart and soul of Cambridge so it’s no surprise that Harvard Square is one of the most popular communities in all of Massachusetts to visit. Its rich with history and culture (celebrity sighting are not uncommon) and an abundance of ways to occupy your time. The main attractions are the Harvard University campus located on the northern edge of the Square and Harvard Yard, where many indulge the age old tradition of rubbing the foot of John Harvard’s statue (for good luck). Other long standing institutions such as the Brattle Theater, Institute of Contemporary Art and the Cambridge Commons where you’ll find civil war relics alongside a baseball diamond. Many fine and casual establishments abound for dining, shopping, nightlife. Public transportation is serviced by the MBTA red line an multiple bus lines in and out of Boston. Commuters generally rely on Memorial and Storrow Drives with connections to points across the State.

Real Estate in Harvard Square

Real estate is comprised largely of condos and brownstones with some larger houses on the Brattle and Mt. Auburn Streets neighborhood. Antique brick alongside modern mid-to-high rise buildings line Memorial Drive offering tenants and owners covetous water views of the Charles River rarely found in Cambridge.

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