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We’ve all been there. Watching the world go by in the waiting room at the doctor’s office just to get some relief from an ailment. Thankfully for us, urgent care facilities have become more available which fits many of our busy schedules much better. Get in and out quickly and get quality care, without making an appointment a month from when you actually need it and wasting half your day away. 

Now, think of this same dynamic- for your pet. It’s brilliant.

Enter, our newest #kingstonlocal partner, PetMedic Urgent Care Vet Clinic. Dr. Nir Ben-Ari recognized the need for an urgent care facility after working several years as an emergency room clinician and recognizing most of his cases were less life-threatening emergencies and more urgent care treatment. He spent years developing his vision into PetMedic, an after hours and weekend clinic you can bring your pet for non-life threatening treatment when your vet is unavailable. 

PetMedic specializes in walk-in services- no appointment required- making it a fantastic cost-effective and time efficient model. Their brand new facilities offer top notch, quality care from highly qualified doctors and technicians using the newest, state of the art equipment.

PetMedic is conveniently located at 347 Main St. in Watertown. Hours of operation are Mon-Fri, 4pm-11pm and Sat & Sun, 10am-7pm. Visit them online at https://petmedicurgentcare.com/ and SAVE THIS POST for future reference. Let’s hope you’ll never need it but if you do, rest assured you’re in good hands at PetMedic Urgent Care.