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We know of it. We’ve all heard about it. It has legit changed the Boston skyline making it impossible to miss. It has raised the bar for luxury in the City. And now, we present to you an Inside look @ Pierce Boston.

Those of us who have lived in Boston for a while remember the old DiAngelo’s which anchored the sliver of land splitting Brookline Ave. and Boylston St, namely 188 Boylston St. We remember the dilapidated buildings on either side of it hosting storage and a liquor store, among other inconsequential things. The location is prime and was absolutely underutilized and perhaps, under-appreciated for it’s true potential.

Today, Pierce Boston presents us with a strong welcome into the Fenway area.

The building holds 349 units across 30 stories- 240 apartments and 109 condos- along with some retail on the first floor. The building is easily the tallest in the neighborhood and it’s design is striking with glass panels and sharp edges created to reflect the masonry buildings surrounding it. There are two entrances into the building- one for the condo owners and another for the apartment renters and short term occupants. We toured the common areas and the apartments which is what we’ll be highlighting here.

Units are well designed inside. Finishes are a cut above what you’re used to seeing in the marketplace with standard sized 30” stoves and full sized refrigerators rather than the “euro” (read: dorm) sized. Bathrooms have stylish finishes and backlit mirrors. The studios have cleverly built-in cabinets offering more storage that you’d typically find in luxury studios- a very nice touch.

Unit size is average, as you’d expect but the unique part about this building are the views. It’s next to impossible to find the views you get from Pierce Boston anywhere else in the city. We viewed a 3bd/3.5ba (offered at a cool $15k/mo.) with a double wide living room and open kitchen. The unit had nothing but windows for walls on the South side which offered up a rare view towards the Emerald Necklace, Brookline and Longwood Area. If you choose the City views, you can watch a Red Sox game, the Head of the Charles or the 4th of July fireworks.

There’s something for everyone regardless of what view you have and they’re all extraordinary.

The common areas are well thought out and gorgeous. Multiple lounges for the tenants along with arguably the best part (well, perhaps just MY favorite)- an arcade complete with pinball, foosball, pop-a-shot basketball and full stand up arcade games. Very cool and unique.

An outdoor pool area is located on the top floor and is unlike anything I’ve seen in Boston.

Surrounded with large panels of glass protecting you from the wind, this area takes you outside of Boston and plunks you right into a hip NYC/Miami/Vegas atmosphere. The space is complete with barcaloungers and cabanas. It’s a special area and sometime to be witness of. Don’t tell anyone- I plan on cozying up with the management and visiting there this summer. Think I’m kidding? Wait for the selfies on @kingston.rem – you’ll see.

Pierce Boston is convenient to the MBTA D line at Fenway (3 min walk) or the C line at St. Mary’s along with multiple bus lines. Walkable to Fenway Park, Longwood Medical, Simmons University, etc. etc. The list is long and honorable.

Pricing. You ever been to a boutique store where there were no price tags on their items? One of those places where if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it? It’s kind of like that.

Nah, I’m (mostly) kidding. We were happy to see rentals in the “high yet not totally unreasonable” range including studios starting at $3,200/mo., one beds starting around $3,700/mo. with your average 1br unit being $4,200/mo. Two beds start in the high $5k/mo. but will usually run you well into the $7-$8k/mo. ballpark The larger units get very expensive- mostly reserved for the aforementioned shoppers.

If you are looking for arguably the best the City has to offer, Contact your Kingston REM agent and we’ll tour the Pierce with you. Don’t forget your swimsuit!