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Spring Property Management Tips

Spring is (officially) upon us. For Property Managers, that means more than just a celebration of the seasonal change. It’s also a time to whip properties back into shape. As the weather begins to change, it’s time to assess the condition of your property. Additionally, it’s a great chance to do a little TLC for a big ROI when potential tenants come to check it out. You can embrace the moment and reduce your future workload with these property management spring cleaning tips.

Property Owners, take Advantage of these Spring Cleaning Opportunities

As spring begins to unfold, you can take advantage of the many deals for supplies needed for maintenance. Look for sales on things like air conditioning filters, light bulbs, and other common replacements. Also, you’ll find sales on things like low flow shower heads, water filters, water heater elements, and much more. Moreover, now is the time to stock-up in bulk on things like trash bags, landscape and gardening tools, and the like.

…you’re already busy. While owning rental property can be a great way to generate an additional stream of income, it’s also time-consuming, and very much a hands-on job. According to some estimates, landlords can expect to spend about four hours a week managing a rental. Fortunately though, there’s a solution: A property manager is a great way to make life as a landlord much easier. —National Association of Realtors.com

Also, Spring is a wonderful time to renew communication between your tenants and/or Property Manager. For those of you who already have your property managed through Kingston REM, renewals have mostly gone out and been replied to through September of 2018 and we are in contact with your tenants directly regarding maintenance issues, etc. If your property is self-managed or your current Property Manager hasn’t been up to expectations, contact us and chat about how Kingston REM can go to work for you!

5 Property Management Spring Cleaning Tips

Now, let’s get onto some helpful property management spring cleaning tips. Some of these require a little elbow grease. But that’s okay- Kingston REM has the team to handle this. Together, we will make the property more comfortable and functional for residents. Also, keeping up with maintenance will help us to market it at it’s full market value to potential future tenants when time comes. Here are some of the top property management spring cleaning tips you can use:

  • Roof and gutters. The winter months take a real toll on the roof and gutters. Snow and ice are notoriously hard on these as we in New England experienced a couple years ago. Now is an ideal time to inspect the roof and gutters to ensure they’re in good condition. If not, it may be time to make some necessary repairs.
  • Landscaping. As the weather begins to warm, you can revive the landscaping around the property. Fresh plants, mulch, and more are all good landscape elements that really help to make a property pop with verve and color. Don’t forget about cleaning up any hardscaping, like retaining walls, front steps and other brickwork.
  • Power washing. Chances are excellent that Old Man Winter left his mark in more ways than one. The start of Spring is a perfect time for a good power wash of the exterior, sidewalks, and other areas on the property. (This is also an opportunity to check windows, trim, and the like for any needed attention.)
  • Painting. A pressure wash just might not actually be enough to make the exterior look great. In this case, if it’s been several years since the last time the exterior has seen a fresh coat of paint, you can take advantage of the great weather take care of this. While you’re at it, you can also freshen up the vestibules and front/back hallways. Remember, it’s more affordable to you to have it all done at once rather than in multiple visits.
  • Repairs. The decks, the driveway, front porch, the list goes on and on. Be sure to go through the property thoroughly to find anything and everything that needs repair. We at Kingston REM will be happy to visit, make a detailed list of what needs to be addressed along with coordinating pictures. We can collectively plan a strategy to get this handled. The list doesn’t have to be completed in full- let’s get a game plan and prioritize. This way, we’ll make the most important repairs first and we can revisit the list in the future.

For more information about how Kingston REM can help you through our Property Management services in the Brookline and Greater Boston area, please contact us at your convenience. We’re more than happy to help!