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So we’ve been doing this for a minute now.

Going to new construction, seeing different styles and finishes and some get us going and some are just kinda “meh”. Let’s talk about The Brynx for a second because “meh” is not a word you’re going to read anymore in this “Inside Look”

At The Brynx, you’re gonna get the old with the new. Those of us who love the “old Boston style” brownstone, brick building charm will be uber satisfied along with those who are looking for the modern, luxury flair that we’re seeing pop up all around us.

The Brynx is located on S. Huntington Ave. in Jamaica Plain not far from the other newcomers such as Olmstead Place and the Serenity Apartments. The original building that they’re finishing up renovating/restoring is the Goddard house- an old Georgian Revival once a nursing home which shuttered in 2012. The building is beautiful and what they’re doing inside is even more so.

Let’s pop into the new construction building first.

Walk into a communal lobby which encourages the tenants to come home and take a load off. There walls are lined with countertops and seating which is perfect if you just missed the bus or waiting for the next E line to stop by. If you’re curious as to when that might be, just check the Transit Screen and it’ll tell you what’s coming. The building also have a package concierge set up adjacent to the mail room.

The halls are neatly decorated (in both buildings) and have cut out accent areas for art which is a nice touch. The halls in the new building are accented a nice green with dark carpets and decorative wallpaper at the ends. There’s a bit of a “birchy” wood theme going on and we didn’t hate it. All-in-all, they did a good job in making the halls feel great- not overly dark and you didn’t get that hotel feel like you do in some other buildings. In the Goddard side, the vestibule is large with a patterned ceiling and also hosts the management/on site leasing office.

The units themselves are great.

The two buildings have subtle differences but overall the same action. We loved the dark fixtures and hardware in the kitchen/bath. Once considered passe, they are used really well here. GE profile appliances and two toned cabinetry with the marble look on the countertops and slate/navy colored backsplash tie it all together. We really liked the design of the backsplash in the new side- modern but not too flashy and better yet, pretty uique. Some units offer floating islands (on casters making them easily maneuverable) which happen to match the rest of the kitchens making them fit in rather than looking like an afterthought. A nice touch.

The floors are dark wood colored in the new building and lighter in the Goddard side- likely to keep in tune with the original motif. The bathrooms are large and outfitted nicely with oversized stone-topped vanities and backlit mirrors (the lights are horizontal in the new building and vertical in the Goddard side- a minor details which further impressed me) and subway tile with darker grout lines run the shower/tub surrounds with varying design dependant on the building.

In terms of amenities, you won’t find a pool here like you may in one of it’s neighbors but you will find ample bike storage, a nice community room with shuffleboards and a bitchin’ roofdeck. Also, their gym is set up to be one of the best in the area complete with a rock climbing wall.

The Brynx is open for pre-leasing NOW and at the time of the tour were about 50% occupied. The Goddard building is still under construction so no units occupied at the moment. You will likely find a layout/size that works for you as there are a BAZILLION different layouts (seriously though, like 100 different ones) over 6 stories and 149 total units.

Pricing is “reasonable” which is great given the amenities (or overall lack thereof). If a pool and fancy accoutrements doesn’t turn you on then these are the best options in the area. They offer studios, 1’s and 2’s and nothing bigger. Contact your Kingston REM agent for pricing and availability!

*Pics stolen from their website. I hope they don’t mind.