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We are BEYOND stoked to introduce you guys to our “new-to-you” neighbors Village Vinyl & Hifi.

Originally located at 58A Harvard St. in the cross section where Coolidge Corner meets Brookline Village, Village Vinyl & Hifi was originally a pop-up using the owner Jonathan Sandler’s personal record collection. It has now bloomed into a Coolidge Corner storefront allowing us (read: YOU) to browse a killer selection of wax along with some new and vintage equipment. The space is bare bones, no frills which is absolutely perfect as to not get distracted from the essence of the shop. Stick your face into those rows of records and you’ll be sure to unearth some gems.

TODAY (April 18) from 6-9pm, local Boston artist/photographer JJ Gonson will be in the house for an Artist’s Reception. JJ’s bulk of work was done in the Boston club scene between the mid-eighties & early nineties and features very candid, not-your-average club pics. Expect some incredible photos for sale! (Follow her! @jj_gonson_photo) Party tonight will be DJ’d by sumj

AND THEREFORE, today is a GREAT day to swing into Village Vinyl & Hifi to spend some time browsing their vinyl and checking out some pics of the Boston music scene. Here’s hoping you spin through- if you do, we’ll see ya there! Check them out on IG: @villagevinylandhifi

Village Vinyl & Hifi

307 Harvard St.

Brookline, MA 02446