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World Animal Day

World Animal Day gives us an opportunity to do two things. First, we’re taking full advantage of this opportunity to showcase some of the #KREMcrew animals (aka pets). Secondly, in spirit of the occasion, we’ll be making a donation to an incredible outfit in Bali, Indonesia called “Act 4 Bali Dogs”.

If you’ve been to Bali before you know 3 things are true:

  1. The landscape and environment is absolutely breathtaking.
  2. The people are amazing.
  3. There are a TON of stray and abandoned dogs.

Act 4 Bali Dogs is a great resource for the island and their stray and abandoned dog population. We at Kingston REM will gladly be making a donation to their outfit in spirit of World Animal Day.

Afterall, we all know #kingstoncares

Adam Aroesty: 

My main man, my ride-or-die, my thunder buddy. . . whatever you want to call him, Michael “Jackson” Pollock has absolutely changed my life. Aside from all the adventures we’ve gone on together, my favorite part about having MJP is when I walk him around Brookline, almost every person we pass will let out a little smile at MJP. The effect he has on other people, just by existing, is incredible. Love you, Jackson!

Cassandra Bligh: 

Charlie is a 3 year old ball of energy. Charlie’s favorite things to do are playing fetch and begging for human food.

Adam Mundt: 

Rick spends most of his days sleeping and most of his nights being annoying…err…a puppy. His favorite things by far are treats tumbling around with his Monmouth Park buddies and favorite person is definitely his human mother. 

Carlos Christensen: 

From a galaxy far far away, Yoda came to Boston wanting to bring balance to the force. She loves running in circles, meeting other friends, and playful Jedi mind tricks. You can find Yoda enjoying her time in and around Brookline with Carlos and his fiance Sarah.