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The youngest of three brothers, Anthony was born in Cambridge and raised all around the North Shore by a proud Brazilian mother. Anthony spent his free time playing team sports such as Football, Basketball and Crew, if he wasn’t active he’d be expanding his technical/mechanical knowledge along with working in his community. With his passion of being a team player, helping others and also looking for a challenge, Anthony had joined the US Army Reserves as a Mechanic right after graduating high school in 2019. 

After coming back from boot camp, using his combination of wanting to help others and desire to challenge himself he jumped straight into the Real Estate business in Early 2021 working at a real estate firm in Allston. In his spare time, Anthony is passionate about staying active, working on his BMW and shooting films with his best friend Gabe.

Why I work at Kingston REM: Starting at an Assistant Property Manager role, the moment I had first walked into KREM I knew that this is a company that genuinely cares about putting their best foot forward and supporting people in the best way they can. Adam’s vision for KREM and the Property Management team’s hard work ethic drew me in right away. To me, KREM is synonymous with growth and I can’t wait to see what our team has in store.