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Meet Kevin Figueroa, the passionate Property Manager at Kingston REM. With a deep interest in real estate, Kevin joined Kingston in 2022 and has been excelling in his role ever since. He loves nothing more than discussing real estate, whether it’s market trends, investment strategies, or property management best practices.
In his downtime, Kevin is an avid traveler, donut enthusiast, and dedicated dog owner to his two furry friends, Kai and Kash. If he’s not exploring new destinations or indulging in his favorite sweet treats, you can find him either working tirelessly for his clients or pushing himself at the gym.

Why he works at KINGSTON REM

Kevin’s passion for real estate stems from his personal investment goals. In 2019, he purchased his first investment property and has been on a mission to build his portfolio ever since. Prior to joining Kingston REM, Kevin worked as an Operations Manager at a non-profit organization. However, he craved a career change that would allow him to dive deeper into the world of real estate. As a Property Manager at Kingston REM, Kevin has the opportunity to continually expand his knowledge, build strong relationships with property owners and tenants, and make a real impact in the industry.