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Brookline Porchfest 2022

Brookline Porchfest 2022 is here! On Saturday, September 17th, 2022, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, The First Parish will host live music, fall fun activities, an eBike show, and a demonstration event on their beautiful grounds.

Come to enjoy the music! At 4:00 PM, Midnight Motion, a funk, and R&B band, will take the stage. Afterward, HobArt will take the stage to share some Brazilian Folk Rock.

HobArt Goulart is a singer/songwriter and comedian originally born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His songs and comedy performances deal with his experiences living as an undocumented immigrant in the USA for eight years. Now a US citizen, HobArt’s work embodies traits that all hard-working immigrants bring to this country: resilience, cleverness, and a go-getter attitude.

Dance on the lawn, enjoy the entertainment, learn about eBikes, and get information on compositing and how to “leave the leaves” this fall. Join Brookline for Porchfest 2022! Click the link below for more.