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Home Buying

  • This Sales Market. WOW.

    I remember the last time the rental market suffered and the sales market was insane. I was a rental agent at my last office and every single one of my rental customers were saying “I’m thinking of buying as well”. I would look at them and think “there are SO MANY good deals on the…

  • Virtually Experience a Home Without Visiting the Property

    As the whole world goes through changes due to the spread of disease, people are social distancing more and relying on digital technology for many elements of life. The same process applies to real estate and house searches. Going beyond just pictures, look into ways to experience the home from your current residence and truly…

  • Ready to buy a house? First timer? READ THIS!

    Ready to buy a house? First timer? READ THIS!

    3 Things Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Do Before Shopping As a first-time homebuyer, you may be overwhelmed by the entire process. Fortunately, you can do three simple tasks before you start shopping that will make the whole process easier. 1. Put Your Finances in Order The time to organize your finances is several months…