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Virtually Experience a Home Without Visiting the Property

As the whole world goes through changes due to the spread of disease, people are social distancing more and relying on digital technology for many elements of life. The same process applies to real estate and house searches.

Going beyond just pictures, look into ways to experience the home from your current residence and truly visualize the space and size with digital technology. Learn about the various methods and how each one offers a different view of the home.

Live Walk-Through Tour

Even if you do not visit with the real estate agent directly, their direct access to the home could help give you a video-guided tour. A real estate agent may offer the opportunity for a video walk-through tour. Through the video visit, you will see different rooms and areas.

On the live call, you can ask questions. For example, you may ask the real estate agent to open a closet and show you the closet space inside. Just like being at the home in person, you will explore areas that the traditional picture gallery will not show.

Live video feeds will help showcase the natural light in the house, the overall layout, and how to navigate to different rooms. Along with answering your own questions, a real estate agent will offer up information and observations which will help break down different areas and give you an overall sense of the property.

Satellite Imaging

Satellite imaging has really advanced through the years, offering spectacular visuals of the planet earth and a large collection of properties for sale. With online satellite maps, you will see the clearest view of the property. On paper, you may have trouble visualizing the size of the property, but with the imaging, you could see how large the property actually is.

Some satellite imaging maps also include terrain features. When you turn the terrain element on, you will see how hills and slopes impact the property. In addition to viewing the terrain, check to see how close neighbors are and how long the driveway is, and get a feel for nearby options like parks, stores, or schools.

Satellite offers a great exploration of the home’s exterior, and often, you can zoom in close with clear quality.

Street Views

A similar option to the satellite images are street view images. Cars throughout the country and capture pictures of homes and neighborhoods to compile a virtual map take the images.

With a street view, you can look in multiple directions and visualize a true scope for the exterior of the home. For example, you can see the homes or land across the street. You can have a good look at the road conditions. Some street view apps offer VR compatibility. Explore the neighborhood with a VR headset to experience the feeling of being there.

Interior Design Apps

As you envision the look of the home, consider downloading various interior design apps. Using official real estate listing pictures, you can transform the look of a home and play around with different options. For example, you may find a number of paint and wallpaper apps. With an image of a wall, you could try out different colors and wallpaper patterns.

The visual gives you a sense of how to transform the home and make the place your own. Other apps include digital room design. A 2D image can transform into a 3D room where you can place various pieces of furniture. Set up the room to your liking and see how the home works for your uses.

With all of the methods combined, you will have a good idea of what the home is like and if the property fits your needs.

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