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Cider in the City

We have something pretty special and pretty exclusive for you to do TOMORROW evening. Don’t worry, we won’t strap you with obligations that are long, annoying and uninspired. Here, you can show up, have a couple of quick drinks, enjoy some live music, eat some good cheese and DIP! All within 2 hours. 

Cider in the City is being hosted by Allandale Farm in Brookline. We will do a full blown Kingston Local on Allandale Farm later on but for now, let’s talk about this little 2hr celebration happening Thursday, November 7th from 6-8pm. 

Cider in the City celebrates the quintessential fall fruit- The apple. On Thursday, Allandale Farm will have various types and styles of ciders (hot, cold AND hard) alongside a delicious spread of cheeses and apples for samples. Various vendors will also be in attendance along with some live music from The Running Mates. Adult bevy’s provided by Lamplighter Brewing and Ponyshack Cider. Oh, it’s FREE. 

So there you have it. On your way home from work Thursday, spin through, have a drink, eat some cheese, take in the glory of that which is Allandale Farm and go home with a basket of apples & some inspiration. 

Allandale Farm is located at 259 Allandale Road, Brookline, MA 02467