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Coolidge Corner Theater

There are a million reasons to love the Coolidge Corner theater.

Aside from the amazing selection of films they feature- everything from Hollywood blockbusters to limited theater run indie films- to their 35mm features, this theater is oozing with style, character and history. 

Here are a couple of notable historical facts about this Coolidge Corner landmark- 

  • It was opened in 1903 as a Universalists Church and converted to a one screen, art deco theater in 1933
  • Was sold to a real estate developer in the late ‘1980’s and was thought to be all but over – instead the developer offered the Coolidge Corner Theatre Foundation a 99 year lease (!!) 
  • The Theater sells memberships used for access to presale tickets, discounts on merch and concessions, discounts on food, memberships and services from other Brookline businesses via your “Coolidge Card”, benefits from & access to other art house cinemas around the nation and much more!
  • The Coolidge’s first movie ever shown was a Disney short film

But for now, let’s talk about…

Coolidge Corner Theater Presents: 

19th Annual Halloween Horror Marathon

Sat, October 26th

12hr Horror Movie Marathon, starts at MIDNIGHT and runs a full 12 hours all shown on 35mm film

1st film is the classic “Amityville Horror”

2nd film on tap is “Poltergeist”

The rest of the movies which will be showing through the marathon aren’t announced prior to showtime but you can guarantee there will be, via Coolidge.org, “plenty of specters, ghouls, ectoplasm, and gore to keep the audience up all night!” That’s good enough for me!

Aside from the movie marathon, the event will feature a costume contest, a “paranormal presentation” brought to you by #newenglandghostproject and much more! 

After your Halloween party Saturday, head on over to the Coolidge Corner Theater and settle in for what’s sure to be an incredible 12hr ride! If you don’t make it this weekend, GO ANYTIME and support this historically and culturally significant Coolidge Corner establishment. If you’re reading this out of town, go to their WEBSITE and give them some MONEY.