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Ganko Ittetsu Ramen

Those of you who know, know.

This is, in our humble-yet-very-staunch opinion, the best bowl of ramen you can get your face into in and around the City of Boston. We understand this is a bold statement to make but we’re sticking with it. Don’t @ us- you ain’t changing our minds. You simply cannot go wrong with any of their six different varieties (we prefer the Tan Tan ourselves). Trust us when we say you’ll want to try this if you haven’t already and, well since summer is OFFICIALLY OVER, consider this spot your Fall/Winter spot for when you need to warm up them bones.

3 things you didn’t know and SHOULD know about Ganko Ittetsu Ramen.

  1. Nearly every region throughout Japan has its own variation of Ramen. Ganko serves Sapporo-style ramen. 
  2. Their “dashi” (broth) is a combination of a tonkotsu pork broth and a double chicken broth. These are both cooked separately at different temps to maximize their flavor profiles, then combined to make what they call “double soup”
  3. Ganko’s noodles are CUSTOM MADE from Nishiyama Seimen Noodles- one of the oldest and most sought-after Sapporo ramen noodle manufacturing companies in Japan

Ganko is hosting a 3 day special event that you will NOT want to miss. Sept. 3-5th, Ganko will be hosting a pop up from their shop in the Coolidge Corner Arcade Building. Chef Hironori from Fukutei in Sapporo will be serving a LIMITED NUMBER of bowls of the wildly delicious Squid Ink Shoyu alongside their incredible Miso & Spicy Miso ramen. This event is only 3 days and is a NOT TO BE MISSED. 

First come, first served as always at Ganko Ittetsu but if it’s anything like a normal dining experience for Ganko, it’s worth every minute of that wait. See you there tomorrow..?

Ganko Ittetsu Ramen is located in the Arcade Building at 318 Harvard St. in Coolidge Corner. They also have a location in Providence, RI.