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Giving Back

As Thanksgiving approaches this Thursday, we’re reminded that ‘tis the season for giving back. As such, we’re taking the opportunity this week as our #kingstonlocal feature to focus on some local options for our followers to donate their time, energy, money or ALL OF THE ABOVE this holiday season.

The Brookline Food Pantry with two locations in Brookline, provides assistance to food insecure individuals and families in the Town of Brookline. Partnering with folks like the Brookline Farmers Market, they’re one of a kind in Brookline. BFP also heads up a program called “Brookline Thrives” with the Brookline schools which offers students free weekend take home meals. They are also currently looking for a volunteer to help with Food Pantry deliveries on Thursday mornings! Another great way to support BFP is by choosing them as your charitable organization on smile.amazon.com.

Greater Boston Food Bank is located near the Boston Medical Center in the South End, Boston. GBFB acquires food through industry partners and utilizes financial donations to sort & packs goods their S. End warehouse and redistribute to a network of over 530 agencies in and around Greater Boston. Last year, they distributed 60.7 MILLION pounds of food- enough to provide nearly 50 million healthy meals! Each month, an estimated 142,000 people eat something provided from GBFB.

Lovin’ Spoonfuls is the first organization of its kind in Massachusetts and the largest food rescue agency in New England. Established in 2010, Lovin’ Spoonfuls serves nearly 40 cities and towns across Eastern Massachusetts and works with more than 200 partners to help alleviate hunger but also combat food waste. Healthy, fresh food that would otherwise be discarded (slightly bruised produce, dairy nearing its sell-by date or perfectly good food products) are redistributed to feed over 35,000 individuals every week. Also throw a helluva party at their annual Lovin’ Spoonfuls Tailgate party which happened to be last night!

Kingston REM also makes a habit of practicing what we preach so we’ve made a donation to each of these organizations featured and hope you consider doing the same. Giving back in the off-season is something we’re keen on and these are all great ways to support our community!

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