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Grainne O’Malley’s

We’re going to make a wild assumption and assume our followers know it’s #stpatricksday this Sunday. As such, we thought it v appropriate to (re-?)introduce you one of our favorite spots and YOUR Brookline St. Patrick’s Day destination, Grainne O’Malley’s in Coolidge Corner!

Conveniently located at 201 Harvard St. on the South side of Beacon in Coolidge Corner, this authentic Irish neighborhood mainstay offers up some very tasty food and a great variety of draft beer any time of the year.

Look, we all know what you want to do this weekend. Find a spot that has great music, cold Guinness and some authentic Irish food. You, my lucky reader, have hit the JACKPOT.

Saturday & Sunday, Grainne’s will be serving up not only cold, proper pints of Guinness (poured the RIGHT WAY, we may add because that is actually quite important!) but Irish food specials the likes of bangers & mash, traditional boiled dinner, Irish nachos and MUCH MORE! And we’ll tell you from experience- the food here is FIRE!! This is all served alongside a couple of good ‘ol boys straight from the motherland playing some amazing tunes LIVE. It’s a COMPLETE experience- everything you want for your St. Patrick’s Day.

So, skip the stupid Southie parade (what are you, 19??) and hit up Grainne O’Malley’s this weekend for the best St. Patrick’s Day party this side of the Pond!

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