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International Dog Day

Today we celebrate the dogs! International Dog Day takes place each year on August 26th. Originally founded in 2004 by Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, Animal Rescue Advocate, Conservationist, Dog Trainer, and Author Colleen Paige. She’s also the founder of many other holidays such as National Puppy DayNational Mutt Day, National Cat DayNational Wildlife Day, and many more philanthropic days to bring attention to the plight of animals around the globe and encourage adoption.

At Kingston REM, we have plenty of pups to celebrate. We’ll start with the one and only, RICKY. Ricky Kennedy-Mundt (also known as “Rick” when wearing his spiked collar) is a black and tan Brussels Griffon. Ricky was born in 2018 and hails from Ohio. Born from an award-winning pedigree, he weighs in at a robust 7lbs. and has many relatives active in the dog show circuit. You can typically see Ricky chillaxin’ in his pen during normal business hours and on the mean streets of Coolidge Corner during his usual noon & 3 pm walks.

Here’s Michael “Jackson” Pollock (MJP for short). He is a 4-year-old Blue Merle Cocker Spaniel. He loves hiking, sleeping, barking at the mailman, and treats. Fun Fact: He’s climbed about 20 – 4,000 footer mountains in the White Mountains of New Hampshire! He loves his bed and snuggles (only in the morning, though!) He can’t help but chase squirrels and birds on his daily walks and is a meat and cheese connoisseur. He knows many tricks and can sit, high-five, and take a bow. Adam Aroesty got the inspiration for his name because he looks like a Jackson Pollock painting. 

We introduce you to Graham (middle), Lily (right), and Ruby (left). Their mom, Jessica Hein, comes from 10 years as a Real Estate Professional focused in sales and rentals. She is also an animal rescue advocate; all her pups are rescues. Ruby is a black lab and has a motherly and only child personality. She will share her food and leave just a little for her food-ambitious siblings. 

Lily is a Beagle Mix and has a calm & gentle demeanor. Don’t let her petite frame fool you because she has a hell of a bark for her size. She’s the sweetest and won’t leave Jessica’s side! 

Graham is the newest edition to the Hein family (only nine months!) and is a Brown Lab Mix. He is full of energy, keeping his siblings on their toes. He enjoys chewing on wood and picking on his siblings all day to play, and he is a giant snuggle bug despite all his energy. His favorite room in the house is the laundry room, and he loves watching Jessica do laundry.

Kash and Kai are Kevin’s two peas in a pod. Kash is an English Bulldog, and Kai is a French Bulldog. Kash can be mischievous and loves fighting his brother over a bone. Kai is only a morning cuddler, whereas Kash will snuggle all day, every day. Kash also tends to hop, especially when excited. They’re also well versed in yoga poses, always giving a big stretch to greet their dad. 

If Charlie looks a little familiar to you, it could be because he’s MJP’s cousin! He’s a six-year-old American Cocker Spaniel. He loves treats and playing fetch. He also enjoys howling after every meal. You can catch him cuddling with his mom, Cassandra, on a rainy day. 

Rick is the newest agent at Kingston REM, and he joins the KREM crew with his 13-year-old miniature pomeranian, Juji! Juji loves walks along the beach or any park with lots of flowers and exciting things to smell. He gets excited anytime it’s food time or snack time. You may catch Juji with a different hairstyle depending on the season; he likes to switch it up. He also loves to lay in any bed of beautiful fall leaves. If you give Juji a bark, he’ll bark back. Catch him showing with his dad “Rick Jr.” Juji sometimes tags along to help with the bills! 


Kingston REM is so thankful to be surrounded by many great pups with various unique personalities. Today, we will all be celebrating them a little extra. We hope everyone else will do the same! Happy International Dog Day!