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KREM Anny v.3- The Pandemic Edition


Year three has passed and we’re on to year four.

With a lot of the same faces, we continue forward with a new reality that was thrown at us just over 7 months ago.

We find ourselves today with an exponentially more difficult task than we saw in the first half of the year, believe it or not. With excessive inventory levels on the rental side, we need to continue to adapt, find unique ways to reach renters and clients, and move inventory. This off season will be more difficult than any other in my 18 years in the business, but we will continue to be solution based and progressive where we can and always strive to deliver the best results.

And we got a fresh new sign. Finally.

Sales in the city are offering great opportunities to find space, dare I say, affordably.

With the trend moving out to the suburbs for more WFH space, etc., city condos inventory is on the rise giving buyers options and negotiating power. This is something we haven’t seen in the Boston market in a good long time.

But guess what? It doesn’t surprise me. We have the gumption, the team and the tools to make it happen. We don’t quit and we LOVE challenges. They give us a chance to prove to you what we’re made of.

Kingston REM’s sales have more than tripled year-over-year.


It’s not unusual to hear me say how proud I am of KREM, the #KREMCrew and how lucky we are to have the clients we do. I find myself reflecting on this often wondering what kind of situation we’d be in today if all these things weren’t what they are. It just proves that with the right team, you can accomplish pretty much anything.

Our agents have grown into more diverse and knowledgeable sales persons with the ability to help you with whatever your real estate needs are. They’re hungry and ready to work hard for you.


The Overlook at St. Gabriel’s Maker Hall. Over 12,000 sq. ft. of amenity space. Offered exclusively by Kingston Real Estate & Management

Our ongoing brokerage relationship with

The Overlook at St. Gabriel’s in Brighton continues to be a reminder on what we’ve been able to accomplish in just three short years.

We move forward with 2021 in our sights and big upcoming projects such as two brand new construction lease ups in Coolidge Corner, Brookline which we couldn’t be more excited about. (STAY TUNED!!)

The vision of Kingston REM continues to come into focus. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to our customers and clients in order to offer the industry’s best, progressive and attentive service available.

And we’re still just getting started.