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Letter From the Broker- EOY 2024

It could be one of three things:
Flu A, Flu B, or COVID.

Lucky for me, it’s Flu A.

This is just the run-of-the-mill body ache, sweaty, hot-then-cold type flu (type 2 is the icky stomach one). It still knocked me on my keister for the third day running. Two full boxes of Kleenex and a 102-degree fever later, here I am, plunking out the annual LFtB, EOY edition.

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Not so you all don’t have to slog through another one of my writings, rather so I can get back to the couch and commence my Dirty Jobs marathon.

I can proudly say 2023 was another exceptional year for Kingston REM. Not only did we smash our sales goal (see below!), but we also navigated through two brand new lease-ups (Prospect Place in Brighton and Babcock Place in Brookline) with exclusively in-house efforts and no MLS exposure. This is a testament to the mighty #KREMCrew and their efforts day in and day out, getting the job done. If you’re a developer or owner in need of the best team to get your new project leased up or sold, look no further. We have everything you need – from conceptual designs all the way to property management after the lease-up is complete. Truly the full-service experience customized for your specific needs.

Would ya just look at ’em all

Personnel-wise, our management team has grown from two to four, including two Assistant Property Managers, as this side of the business continues to thrive. On the leasing side, we’ve promoted Emily Shewchuk to Team Leader to help with client communications and market feedback, as well as overall #KREMCrew guidance. Our small-but-mighty team is becoming not-so-small, yet still strong af .

Onward to 2024, we’re going to continue developing our sales- both on the team side and unique materials and techniques for both buyers and sellers. We have two properties in the queue (current off-market opportunities – check them out on our IG!) with a few others in our sights along with many eager buyers looking to jump on the lower rates as soon as they’re settled post-holidays. We’ll also be making some additions to the #KREMCrew on the leasing side to support our current rental clients and continue to promote growth to our seasoned agents.

If you are or know an agent who is struggling to get quality support or is just in need of a refresh, we have what you need.

Our team is dynamic, fast-paced, and energetic – sure to bring life back into what might be your current mundane and uninspired day-to-day real estate experience.

Drop me a line directly and let’s chat.
Please just wait until next Tuesday. I should be feeling better by then.