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Winter Ramen Spots

Winter is tough for all of us in New England, but there are ways to brighten up the frigid season. 

What better way to brush off the cold than have an incredible dining experience and a large bowl of hearty ramen. See KREM’s list of our favorite ramen spots in the Brookline area that will warm you up this Winter. 

Ganko Ittetsu Ramen

Located in the heart of Coolidge Corner, inside the Arcade Building, you’ll find Ganko Ittetsu Ramen. It offers an intimate dining room with an open kitchen. Their menu consists of many dishes, but their specialty is Sapporo Ramen, where the Ramen is prepared into a wok, so the broth can soak in the subtle charred taste and aromas of the ingredients. See more about Ganko Ittetsu and make a reservation through the link below! 


Migaku Noodle House

A great spot for ramen nestled in Brookline Village. On Washington street. Migaku Noodle House sits and offers tons of different ramen options, and multiple side dishes so everyone can eat – even if ramen isn’t quite their thing. Their prize dish is the “Champon” that features pork, seafood, veggies in a chicken and pork broth. It is the perfect hybrid of flavors if you’re having trouble deciding on what to get. See more below. 


Soup Shack 

Soup Shack has multiple locations throughout Boston, featuring one in Brookline, Jamaica Plain, and Cambridge. All local areas KREM is very familiar with. There’s a warm ambience at Soup Shack and an extensive menu. Not only do they offer ramen, but they also have pho, thai noodle dishes, rice bowls, and more. Make a reservation today! Click the link.