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World Health Day

Today, April 7th, is World Health Day.

World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated every year on April 7th dating back to 1950. World Health Day is sponsored by the World Health Organization ( @who ) as one of their eight official global health campaigns which they organize to draw worldwide attention to a major healthcare subject.

2019’s World Health Day main focus is UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE. The campaign aims to help people better understand what universal health care means at its core- what services should be available to all and where. WHO also offers visual materials to help people better understand just what life without quality & affordable health care means and the effect it has on humanity.

Okay, so now to answer your burning question… “HOW CAN I HELP?”

Well, you can start by SHARING THIS POST! Talk about how important universal healthcare with any one who will listen. Friends, family, colleagues, teachers, classmates- just get a discussion going. Write your politicians and decision makers and share your feelings about it. Share the hashtag #healthforall

What’s NOT to do about it. NOTHING.