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KREM Anny v2.

Well, here we are. Two years strong. And man, are we strong. 

I’m going to take an opportunity here to humble brag for a minute. 2019 was an incredible year for KREM. Our team (the #KREMcrew) worked their butts off to ensure all of our rental clients were taken care of. This means having no exclusive rental inventory left behind post-9/1. Because we were able to partner with some really extraordinary clients, our customers were equally as thrilled. We legit had zero major hiccups with our move-in’s or unmanaged expectations. We contribute this to us being highly focused on communication and always looking to be proactive rather than reactive. Keeping all parties on the same page helps everyone make a more informed decision and allows for a collective level headedness in the event of unforeseen circumstances. 

On the sales side, we were able to sell three large Brookline buildings to our clients in off-market transactions. We were also successful in transacting multiple Boston-area condos- many of which sold for over the asking price. Our customer relation skills really shine bright in our home sales assistance. For our buyers, we understand that these decisions can take time and are patient, communicative and honest with our opinions and feedback. For our sellers, it’s about understanding the market and making sure we’re able to extract every last bit of profit from your property. 

If you guys know me- and most of you do- you know how important I take my responsibilities. When you entrust me to do a job for you, it’s getting done. We have delivered nothing short of excellent results for our clients and for that we’re super proud. Don’t just take my word for it- check out the ALL 5 STAR REVIEWS from our clients and customers! 

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We are excited to bring you some fantastic projects coming for KREM’s third year in 2020. Aside from the excellent product, look for more and better installments of our online features! We’re dedicated to keeping you up to date on the latest & greatest openings and our favorite neighborhood joints via #kingstonlocal and showcasing our exclusive listings on our weekly #kingstonsignature. 

As always, thank you for your business and we look forward to continuing to service you in 2020 and beyond.