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  • The Pendulum Has Swung

    Rental market has been fragile for a few years now with inventory levels going up and burgeoning neighborhoods adding units attracting a new population of renters. It was really only a matter of time until options were plentiful, rents capped off and the supply outweighed the demand. It’s not like we didn’t see this coming….

  • KREM Crew

    Let me pull back the curtain a little bit. I’m mostly comfortable allowing myself to be vulnerable. I’m going to take an opportunity here to humble brag for a minute. 2019 was an incredible year for KREM. Our team (the #KREMcrew) worked their butts off to ensure all of our rental clients were taken care…

  • When Charming Loses its Charm

    It was something I heard a lot when I moved to Boston and a phrase I used as a rookie agent when showing apartments. Charming. I used to really feel like old units WERE charming.  The gracious foyers with the chandeliers and crown molding. The walnut stained wainscotting hugging the sides of a winding staircase….

  • PetMedic

    We’ve all been there. Watching the world go by in the waiting room at the doctor’s office just to get some relief from an ailment. Thankfully for us, urgent care facilities have become more available which fits many of our busy schedules much better. Get in and out quickly and get quality care, without making…

  • How Low Rents Can Kill You

    Perception is reality.  I once heard that the popular Peloton bikes were once half the price than they are now. At that price point, they had a really difficult time selling. After a re-brand and price increase they have now become the most popular at-home exercise brand on the market today.  How does RAISING the…