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  • Letter From the Broker- Hot Krem summer ’23 edition

    I’m just here for the ride, man. Dodging traffic somedays and blowing by Sunday drivers on the others. Time to be a little self-indulgent here and send you my mid-year note. First off, I hope you’re all enjoying your summer. Temps this year are finally hot (where I thrive) so I’m lovin’ it. Business is…

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  • Pure Cold Press

    Special #kingstonlocal feature coming to you from my friends at @purecoldpress in Coolidge Corner! This spot is a MUST HIT when you’re in the mood for an incredible fresh pressed juice, açaí bowl, creative and unbelievably delicious salads and killer sandwiches. Their breakfast menu is served until 2pm (SHAKSHUKA for breakfast AND lunch!!) PCP opened…

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  • @ Benjamin Seaport

    Being in the rental game for as long as I’ve been, it’s not easy to truly impress me. The Benjamin in the Seaport District managed to do just that and it’s because of one simple and fundamental thing that is lacking in a market where buildings are popping up at an alarming rate- attention to…

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  • Brookline Grown

    Today’s #kingstonlocal comes to you courtesy of @brooklinegrown located at 14 Pleasant St. in Coolidge Corner, Brookline. We LOVE this quaint shop which features oodles of #artisan products aside fresh produce and meats- most of which is produced/raised/grown in the immediate area. Matter of fact, 50% of the items they carry are sourced within a 7-mile radius of the store! Fresh…

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  • Snow, Ice Damage Insurance Claims: Things You Should Know

    Many homes will fall victim to Old Man Winter. Indeed, preventative measures generally fend off most serious damage. However, when the weather delivers a never-ending barrage of snow and ice, the cumulative effect is enough to cause more severe property damage. Some homeowners will stay present all through the winter. They are able to readily…

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  • Brookline Farmers’ Market

    We are pleased to introduce our blog/social media feature, #kingstonlocal which will showcase local Brookline/Boston area small businesses, upcoming events and exciting news! #kingstonlocal first installment showcases the Brookline Farmers’ Market (@brooklinefarmersmarket or online at www.brooklinefarmersmarket.com) located in Centre St. West Parking Lot in Coolidge Corner and features great, local produce, meats, cheeses and various other wearables,…

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