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East Boston

Located across the Harbor, residents of East Boston enjoy breathtaking views of the Boston skyline and waterfront. With a history of welcoming immigrants, this up-and-coming neighborhood is rich in culture and diversity and in the process of restoring many of its historic sites. Home to Logan International Airport, this neighborhood is also a gateway for people from around the world and a short commute via the Callahan tunnel or Blue Line assures a timely arrival downtown.

Real Estate in East Boston

Thanks to the Boston Redevelopment Authority, which has invested heavily into the neighborhood, new residential housing and community amenity enhancements, home values have risen substantially. Here in East Boston, there are six community gardens, which are cultivated by locals, adding to the neighborhood’s overall charm and beauty. East Boston boasts upgraded condos all along Eagle Hill, Jeffries Point, and Maverick Square. Over the years, housing demand has risen, giving homeowners a boost in prime real estate around Piers Park and Boston Harbor. East Boston is eyed by many as the next urban hot spot offering an affordable mixture of old and new housing with many restored triple decker apartments and the addition of new luxury condos on the waterfront.

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